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About Us

Your Finest Coffee Served Next Door!

Qahwa is a project that has been in the making for more than ten years. The time is finally here! Our Qahwa is a classic in both meanings of the word. It stands for ‘coffee’ as well as for ‘café’.

Qahwa, Arabic for café, is more than just another coffee shop. It is a place of cultural and intellectual exchange and a safe haven to all those curious about the world. Qahwa is a space where one has the ability to seek knowledge and growth, meet others, inspire and get inspired.

Qahwa does it all. Qahwa tries to inspire you with interesting talks, energizes and nourishes you with amazing food and drinks and challenges you with beautiful artwork and great books.

Qahwa is all about slowing down and taking it easy in life with a good book, to enjoy your coffee with.

Mesmerising dark, powerful and cultivated by Mother Earth.

We Serve

It isn’t just coffee. We serve a variety of refreshments, snacks and delicacies to satisfy your taste buds and make sure you get the best experience with us.

Pretoriastraat 46
2600 Berchem


Tuesday – Wednesday